FD8 Full Sets Now Available On YouTube

Did you miss Foreign Dissent 8 or want to re-live the awesomeness of it? Well, you’re in luck! All seven full live sets are now available on YouTube. You can also see full set videos from FD7, FD6, and FD5 right here on the Foreign Dissent website.

Major props to official FD videographer Blaine Helmick who not only handles filming every set across multiple cameras, but also handles the sound mixing and editing. This is no small task and I am beyond grateful that Blaine voluntarily does this each year (since FD5).

This year, Blaine deployed four cameras to capture the action, one handheld, one fixed to a bike helmet, one behind the stage, and one at the back of the room. We were also able to capture sound directly from the board for most of the sets (there were some technical issues). In some cases, Blaine actually blended the phone audio with the board audio because it created a more rich sound.

What will next year’s video set up look like? Well, we’ve already talked about adding a second camera behind the stage that does better to capture the crowd, and we’re hoping to lock in some of the challenges we’ve had with getting the board audio. Blaine is always advancing things, so expect things to get better each year. You can see him live in action again at Foreign Dissent 9 on October 21, 2024!