Orlando Weekly Coverage of FD6 Is Awesome, Flattering

The Orlando Weekly has been a big supporter of Foreign Dissent over the years, providing show previews and recaps, but their coverage of Foreign Dissent 6 was particularly awesome.

First, the preview article by Ida Eskamani was a thrill to read, capturing some of the anticipatory excitement of FD6. She spoke with a few of the bands and really helped to spread the word.

Then there was the recap from Bao Le-Huu, which was stunning, flattering and, to be frank, a bit overwhelming (in the best way). He rightly seized on the women who performed at Foreign Dissent 6, writing, “Of the night’s most interesting acts, the ones prominently powered by women were the distinct majority.”

Further, Bao really identified what makes Foreign Dissent so exciting for me to plan and enjoy, “There are many reasons to love this compact event with worldwide span, but I like it most because it’s pure music discovery in concert form. Since most go into the show with little to no deep knowledge of these faraway underground bands, the audience has less built-in favoritism for any particular one and more openness to all, just a common devotion to the punk ideal. And that makes a profound difference in the show experience.”

I can only hope that the coverage they provide for Foreign Dissent 7 is even half as beautiful as those two pieces.