The Foreign Dissent 7 Podcast Tour Rages On!

EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLING to spread the word about the epic return of Foreign Dissent.

It started with an appearance on the Mass Chatter podcast on October 5. It was a great time talking with my friend JC Carnahan.

Most recently, I talked with Peter at Scotch and “Good” Conversation this week, where we talked about Foreign Dissent 7 and I explained what has happened to my hair over the last two years. This was my second appearance on that podcast, previously being a guest in 2019 when I was promoting Foreign Dissent 6. 

Next up, on Tuesday, October 18, I’ll be appearing LIVE around 11:30am ET on A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan to discuss Foreign Dissent 7 and anything else they want to talk about. You can watch it live on Twitch, but it will also air on Real Radio 104.1 (details forthcoming) and I should have a YouTube link at some point.


Scotch and Slightly Better Conversation featuring Craig Mazer discussing Foreign Dissent 7