Foreign Dissent 7 Poster Released

Every year, Foreign Dissent art director Joe Williams creates a poster to promote and celebrate the event. For FD7, he took it to the next level and blew minds in the process.

The Foreign Dissent Monster is a familiar face, serving as the spokesmodel for FD3, 4, and 5 posters. Obviously, due to previous modeling commitments, the Monster was unavailable for FD6, but they’re back, baby!

This year, though, the Monster has been elevated, turned into a work of art, a truly dramatic depiction that connotes the excitement of finally being able to hold the event after having to postpone in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid travel restrictions.

Welcome back, Monster, it’s good to see you!

Foreign Dissent 7, the International Punk Rock Party, is on October 24 at Will's Pub in Orlando Florida and features Still Shaking from Norway, Menagramo from Italy, Catholic Guilt from Australia, Trophy Jump from Croatia, I Like Allie from Italy, Lone Wolf from the Netherlands, and Guilhem from Canada.