Foreign Dissent 8 Adds Four More Bands To Lineup

The second lineup announcement for Foreign Dissent 8 is here! Please join me in welcoming:

The Traders (France)
FJØRT (Germany)
Burnt Tapes (England)
Quitters (France)

That’ll probably do it for the full lineup, 8 bands from 6 different countries and all bangers!

Get it in your calendar now: October 23, Will’s Pub, Orlando.

Photo Credits:
Fjort: Sophia Roáberg
Quitters: Laure Ghilarducci
Additional credits not requested

Second lineup announcement for Foreign Dissent 8 features The Traders from France, Fjørt from Germany, Burnt Tapes from England, and Quitters from France. The event is October 23, 2023.
Foreign Dissent 8 featuring The Traders from France
Foreign Dissent 8 featuring Fjørt from Germany
Foreign Dissent 8 featuring Burnt Tapes from England
Foreign Dissent 8 featuring Quitters from France