Foreign Dissent 8 Will Be October 23, 2023

Foreign Dissent 8 is October 23 2023

Block your calendar now for Foreign Dissent 8, scheduled for Monday, October 23, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. Coming off an amazing FD7, I can’t wait to start building an incredible lineup for 2023. Hot tip: Plan ahead and take off work on Tuesday, October 24.

Even though it’s only December 2022, bands are already starting to hit me up. Things should really kick into gear in January and February 2023, with the first lineup announcements in April 2023.

Will there be some new countries represented? Will a hardcore band finally play the event? Will a blow-up alligator ever crowd-surf at the event again? All of these questions will be answered in due time.

See y’all next year at Foreign Dissent 8!